Life-skills and Individual Needs Center believes people with disabilities should have the same opportunities to live and work in their communities as everyone else. To that end, the program is committed to supporting the choices of the individuals it serves that are consistent with such a philosophy.


LINC promotes quality of life for people it serves.


LINC develops and provides a spectrum of services for people it serves to achieve individualized goals of their choice.


LINC focuses on matching career goals for qualified Job-Seekers with the needs of the business community.


  • LINC was established in the 1970s by Utah State University’s (USU) Center for Persons with Disabilities (CPD) at the request of parents of people with intellectual disabilities in Brigham City UT. The parents wanted a community-based alternative to Utah’s institutional program, the Developmental Center.
  • Dr. Richard Baer, CPD Outreach Director, assumed responsibility for the LINC program in 1994.
  • In 2003 Dr. Baer spun LINC off from the university and it became a private business continuing to serve people with intellectual disabilities till this day


Our Service Dog

We are so excited and happy to introduce you to “Porter”.  He is our service dog trained and graduated from Canine for Companions.  We love Porter! He is amazing and talented.  things he does…..